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Totally Tustin Food and Wine Festival, A Huge Success

By November 10, 2015News

Our email and phones have been flooding with rave reviews!  This couldn’t have been a success without our generous sponsors, food and beverage vendors the amazing City of Tustin and the many volunteers!

Denise from Newport Corp commented…”From the festive entry, to champagne (so classy), to venue placement, flowers, table cloths, lovely wine glasses and appetizer plates, heaters, candles and the awesome band, it was an event not to be forgotten and hopefully replicated sooner than later. Everyone I spoke with was taken by the gorgeous setting and all the night held in store.   The eateries put out their best dishes and Bradley Wines and Spirits kept the mood alive with generous pours and a great selection of wines and other libations.  Too numerous to detail, all the beverages and ‘food booths’ were varied and open to abundant servings and repeated visits by your guests. I truly hope the funding was accomplished and that following in the Chamber of Commerce footsteps, other Old Town Tustin patrons and organizations will continue in the spirit you have created, and host additional gala’s to better our city. Congratulations to all on an immense success! ”

Video by CineBliss Media

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