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Legislative Action Committee Reformed: Bethelwel Wilson Esquire presiding

By January 5, 2012News

If you own a business you should be aware of what our Legislative Action committee does.  The committee’s charter is to examine pending legislation that may affect business in Tustin and to apply the Chambers position statements to determine if the new laws meet our qualifications.  If the law makes sense and matches our position then the Board of Directors of the Chamber publishes a letter of support.  We forward our letter of support to the appropriate state legislators, city government officials, county officials and the press. If the law does not conform to our position then it is our civic duty to oppose it.  This is not an easy process as the California State legislature has been a fountainhead of new laws for many years.  Most of the laws passed have a cost and many require debt.  We contend that most are unneccessary and should be voted down.

If you have an interest in providing your expertise and input to our process, your participation will matter.  Please let Bethelwel know and attend our upcoming Government Affairs Council meetings (to be announced).  The active season for the state legislature is right around the corner so there is lots to do now.