Tustin Business of the Year Program

boyPrior to 2003, Tustin did not have a program that recognized businesses for their volunteer work, community involvement, commitment to business ethics and environmental stewardship practices.In 2003, the Tustin Chamber developed the Business of the Year Program that was open to any for-profit business performing services or manufacturing goods and active in the Tustin community.We had two categories—large business category with more than 50 employees nationwide, and small business category with 50 employees or less nationwide.  In 2005, the category of Rookie of the Year was added and was open to businesses of all size that received a new business license the prior year.In 2009, there were several changes made to application, it now:

1. Specifies that the number of employees is nationwide, not per branch office;
2. Requires that the Nominee must have a facility in Tustin;
3. Requests the Nominee to provide a brief description of why his/her business should be considered for this prestigious award.

The Tustin Chamber of Commerce is proud of all the nominees and their accomplishments in running their successful businesses while providing valuable community service.

2017 Applications & Nominations

The application for the 2017 Business of The Year is now closed.

Thank you to those that have sent in your nominations! The winners will be honored at the Mayor’s Business Luncheon on November 1, 2017!