Chairman’s Message

As the City of Tustin prepares to celebrate its 90 th birthday, the Tustin Chamber of Commerce readies itself for a 60 th year working in support of the City’s vital business community. The Chamber has dedicated itself to growing opportunity, talent, and employment in the Tustin area. Throughout the decades, the Chamber has seen many changes but remains devoted to the idea that a strong business community is the backbone of a strong city. Along with a network of business members, civic leaders, various partnerships, and dedicated volunteers, the Chamber has worked to promote a shared vision for this region’s continued growth. Our success, however, depends on your success. We work for you, your business and for our community. We must always strive to provide programs, ideas, events, and opportunities that encourage your business’ development and the development of the Tustin community in general.

Whatever your business needs or interests are, we want you to look to the Chamber for assistance, inspiration, and ideas. As a Tustin business owner, I know how beneficial Chamber membership can be but I also envision that it can be so much more. I urge you to forge relationships with other business owners in the community and get involved with our programs. It is my honor to serve as the Chairman of this organization. I know firsthand how invested our membership is in this beautiful community and I truly believe great days are ahead of us. I would like to personally thank each of the members who contribute to the Chamber and I would like to personally ask those of you who have not yet joined to take a closer look at the Chamber. It is an avenue through which you can contribute to the success of your business, the success of the local business community, and the success of the City of Tustin. Come join us – our strength is through our membership.

-Bill McInerney

Chairman, Tustin Chamber of Commerce